travelling in London

Ultimate London Travelling Guide

One must admit that London is one of the best and most popular cities in the world. It has an incredible history and is home to many charming pubs, world-class museums, and the best theatres in the whole world, populated with diversification, delicious food, and wild nightlife that a person won’t forget after experiencing it. However, there’s almost something for everyone that one can enjoy whenever they visit this amazing city. We will tell you some good spots in London and how to go here and there in this big city.

Things To Do In London:

Whenever visiting London, we can list some places and spots for you so you can note them down and do that when you are in London. Check them below:

Visiting Big Ben:

How can you miss Big Ben when you are in London? Make sure that you visit Big Ben whenever you are in London. You can go at nighttime or in daylight time. You can view this Gothic structure and take some amazing pictures for your social media handles. The tour will cost you 28 GBP. However, the best view of this tower will be from the opposite side of the river where the London Eye is situated.

The London Eye:

Once you are done visiting Big Ben, you can just go to the London Eye and take a ride in the big wheel. The 500-foot-tall big wheel will give you an amazing lifetime experience and an outstanding view of London from the top. Interesting, isn’t it?

Going To St. Paul’s Cathedral:

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an ideal English Baroque cathedral building with a very famous dome on it. This iconic building dates back to the 17th century. Inside this cathedral, there are some notable public figures resting in it. The Duke of Wellington, Christopher Wren, and Admiral Nelson, to name a few. The interior of this building has glittering mosaics as well as some amazing stone carvings. The fee for this cathedral is 18 GBP if you will buy it online.

Exploring Covent Garden:

Going to London and how can we miss visiting Covent Garden? Of course, this place is on the bucket list for many people out there. It is an incredibly fun place for people who want to hang out and chill with their friends or loved ones. You will get to explore many things at this place, from stalls and artsy markets to coffee shops and musicians. It will be a good vibe for many people out there. If you are coming from Battersea, then you can get mini cab in Battersea from us. Book an appointment right now.

Final Thoughts:

To wrap this up, you are pretty much aware of the things you can do in London whenever you visit this incredible city. Make sure that you are making memories in London and have fun. Visit these places that we mention, and you will thank us. Also, if you are in search of a minicab in Battersea, then check out our website.