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3 Magnificent Castles In London That Will Give You A Taste Of Royalty

If you choose to visit London, its huge and magnificent castles should be at the top of your bucket list. London is a place with rich history and culture and has been the main home of the monarchy for ages. In fact, it still continues to serve monarchs and their families. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it is filled with castles with a lot of history to explore, making these some of the top tourist spots. 

London is a playground for those who have an interest in history, arts, and culture. The castles in the city will be sure to astound you, and you can spend hours in one place and still need help to fully explore what it has to offer. So, let us take you on a trip to some of the most amazing palaces and give you a taste of royalty. 

Have You Visited Them All? 

  1. The Buckingham Palace

We hope you’ve already heard about Buckingham Palace, which is our favourite castle as well. It offers visitors a glimpse at the life of the royals and their magnificent lives. With its majestic look and beautiful gardens, it is a residence fit for a royal. 

At the start of your tour, catch the iconic Royal Guards standing to attention at the main residence. As you go further inside, you will be awed by the glorious State Rooms, the Grand Staircase, and some wonderful portraits of old royals. Visiting the place is a great way to learn more about the history of the royal families and the cultures and traditions of the olden times.


  1. The Tower Of London

One of the oldest fortresses in London, the Tower Of London, was built after the Norman Conquest of England. It gives the feeling of absolute royalty to its visitors. It is a defensive castle consisting of two defensive walls and a moat. 

Apart from being home to the English Crown Jewels, the Tower Of London has seen a number of bloody events within its walls, such as the murder of Henry VI, as well as the execution of 112 people, including Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn. Take a local taxi and head out to this absolutely splendid tower for a nice day out in London. 


  1. The Kensington Palace

One of the most famous palaces in the world, Kensington Palace is renowned worldwide as the birthplace of Queen Victoria. It marks the beginning of the Victorian era. 

Currently, Kensington Palace houses many important royal family members, including Prince Harry and Prince William. Even though many parts of the palace are under use and closed off to the public, others are open for people to visit. Take a walk in the beautiful gardens and enjoy some fresh air, have a delicious meal at the cafe, or visit the interior of the palace to see some wonderful works of art. 

Wrapping It Up

Castles and Palaces represent the times of old and are a symbol of London’s amazing history and culture. If you are thinking of paying a visit to London and are looking for London airport transfers and a taxi to take you to and fro these places, you have come to the right place. Unity Cars London will pick you up from the airport and take you to any destination you want to go to. So, book a taxi with us, and let us take you on the best ride ever!